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A series of sixty lessons based on the results of linguistic research as published in Buntús Gaeilge

Planned and written by

Illustrated by
              WILLIAM BOLGER

An Gúm



This is an easily graded course in Irish for beginners who will not have the advantage of a teacher's help. The content of the course has been carefully selected on the basis of normal daily conversational requirements as established by the scientific research which formed the basis for the recently published Buntus Gaeilge.
All reference to grammatical rules has been avoided in this course. The lessons follow a regular pattern, each containing five separate sections :

  1. New material
  2. Six basic sentences
  3. Revisionary sentences
  4. Additional new material
  5. Conversational situation in which the material learned is used
Ideally the course should be used with the aid of a recorded version of the Irish words and sentences. Such recordings are available, both on tapes and on records. The course also forms the basis of a special television series produced by RTE.
Complete mastery of the material in the lessons will not be achieved unless it is used in speech outside the learning situation. The easiest way to do this is to take every opportunity of speaking the Irish you have learned to those who already know it. Why not start with the children ? Most of them have enough to be able to help you, and you will be helping them by supplying the incentive and the opportunity for them to use what they have learned in school.
Doing a little and doing it regularly is the secret of success.


The recording of the new material at the top of the left hand page should be played over two or more times, the learner repeating the Irish words aloud on the second and subsequent hearings, at the same time reading the English equivalents. This stage completed, it should be possible with the aid of the cartoons to understand the six basic sentences when played over for the first time. On second and third playing over each sentence should be repeated aloud, after which it should be possible to reproduce them without any assistance other than the stimulus provided by the cartoons. The revisionary sentences should be treated similarly until finally the learner is able to reproduce each sentence on looking at the English translation, but without the aid of the recording.
The new material at the top of the right hand page should now be dealt with in the same manner, and after that the situational conversation beneath the picture. When the learner is able to reproduce the Irish version of this conversation without any assistance other than a glance at the English version he may conclude that he has mastered the lesson.
Each day's work should begin with an attempt at reproducing the previous day's situational conversation as outlined above, but if necessary, the recorded version may be played once or twice to aid recollection.

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